About Us

Pablo Flavored Heat is the first line of food products by Planta Norte Farm Corp.

A 10 year search for the perfect hot sauce lab that has built an institution of a university campus food and hangout landmark, Pablo Flavored Heat was initially intended to be tomatoes with a kick.

With tried and tested recipes in an established restaurant, Pablo Flavored Heat was finally ready when we found one of the hottest peppers and grew them on local soil. A full year of farming and harvesting research plus product development -- tasting our homemade sauces with almost anything we serve on our table by marinading with it, dipping in it or slathering it on almost anything -- meats, salads, seafood and even burgers and pasta dishes! -- we just kept coming back for more of Pablo's unique flavors and the scorching heat we have never ever had before. 


Taste our First 4 and let us know how you like your flavor hot.